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Why this pricing?

Unspent gives you tools and information to optimize your crypto portfolio, and helps you save money, or make more of it. We want to keep making Unspent better for you, and this is only possible if Unspent is a sustainable business.

We believe 10 per year is a fair and affordable price for any crypto investor, even if your portfolio is worth no more than 1,000. And we’re convinced that the value Unspent will give you far exceeds this amount. Give it a try, Unspent is free for the first 30 days, no strings attached! :)

What our customers say

One of the reasons I like Unspent is the ability to see realized/unrealized profits for each cryptocurrency + their average buy price
Guillaume, Grenoble, France
Unspent is the best way I’ve found to AUTOMATICALLY regroup all crypto wallets in one place (coming from exchanges, dex or directly on the blockchain), then follow day to day fluctuations on these wallets. Furthermore it helps me trade with price alerts and accurate trade analysis!
Raphaël, Paris, France
A must have, to track all your cryptocurrencies! Unspent provides easy and also advanced features to track your currencies and trades!
Jeremie, Paris, France
Best. Crypto. Portfolio. Tracker.
Mario, Lisbon, Portugal
Better investing. Faster decisions. Stronger portfolio.
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