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Data importing
Automatic import from exchangesMax 3 exchangesUnlimited
Automatic import from walletsMax 3 walletsUnlimited
Manually enter trades for not-yet-supported wallets & exchanges
Manually enter balances for not-yet-supported wallets & exchanges
Supported exchanges (more added regularly – or ask us!)1717
Supported wallets (more added regularly – or ask us!)1010
Supported cryptocurrencies (more added regularly)3,700+3,700+
Portfolio view
Portfolio value & value history
Fiat in & out
Portfolio composition (& proportion of each asset)
Token supply % for each crypto asset
Last prices and % change for portfolio assets
See where individual assets are (which exchanges/wallets)
Trading overview
Realized & unrealized profits for each trading pair
Average buy prices (averages across all & unsold items)
Price alerts
Max active price alerts10Unlimited
Email notifications
Push notifications (desktop & mobile) (upcoming) (upcoming)
Risk management
See distribution of portfolio among exchanges & wallets
See distribution of portfolio assets across market caps
Study performance and volatility history for…BTC/USD
  • Your portfolio
  • Any assets
Study price correlations between…BTC and ETH
  • Any assets (BTC, ETH…)
  • Groups of assets (your portfolio + small/mid/large caps indexes)
  • E.g. BTC vs mid caps, your portfolio vs BTC, BTC vs DOGE…